How do I set Powershell cmdlet versions

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    I'm developing a module for some inhouse processes, and I've followed 'best practices' etc.. I've created my .psd1 file (no ps1xml yet).. but then I run get-command -module none of the cmdlets have any version numbers.. they all just have 0.0 listed. I've been searching around, and I can't seem to find any information on how to set these?
    (example output with changed names)

    PS C:\> Get-Command -Module MyModuleName
    CommandType     Name                                               Version    Source       
    -----------     ----                                               -------    ------       
    Function        Invoke-MyFunction			                       0.0        MyModuleName 
    Function        Export-MyInformation		                       0.0        MyModuleName 
    Function        ConvertTo-MyOtherInfoType 		                   0.0        MyModuleName


    David F.

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    Frank Tucker

    You need a manifest file for the modules. psd1 the xml file is for formatting.

    # Version number of this module.
    ModuleVersion = '1.0'

    The best way to learn about a manifest file a drink the Mr. Jones Cool Aid and watch "Don Jones tool making video 1-3" on the youtube channel. Plus purchase the book.

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    I had created the PSD1 file with New-ModuleManifest, but I must have missed the module version number. I will check the videos.. Have multiple books of Don's, took his combined class (completely worth it.. best professional class I've taken).

    David F.

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    Frank Tucker

    I think Mr. Jones goes over the manifest and xml format stuff in video 3. You can also just go to and look at someones manifest under "File List"

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