How to add one more OU on $DomainName

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    Hello world!!!
    How to add one more OU on $DomainName? I would like to add 'LDAP://OU=TST,DC=fenix,DC=com' and keep 'LDAP://CN=Computers,DC=fenix,DC=com'.

    $DomainName = 'LDAP://CN=Computers,DC=fenix,DC=com'
    $Root = New-Object DirectoryServices.DirectoryEntry $DomainName
    $objSearcher = New-Object DirectoryServices.DirectorySearcher
    $objSearcher.SearchRoot = $Root
    $objSearcher.SearchScope = "SubTree"

    $ADResults = @()

    $colResults = $objSearcher.FindAll()
    foreach ($objResult in $colResults)

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    I'm not sure if I got you right but you can create a new organizational unit simply with the cmdlet of the module ActiveDirectory

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    A computer can't live in more than one OU.

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