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April 19, 2016 at 8:22 am

I need to create file screen exception in powershell using the FSRM Api, I am using this script to create the cuota but I am having trouble to commit the object.

Because I haven't achieved to meet the requirement to modify AllowedFileGroups property 🙁

$FSRMObject = New-Object -Com Fsrm.FsrmFilescreenManager
$createFileScreenException = $FSRMObject.CreateFileScreenException("c:\")
$createFileScreenException.AllowedFileGroups("Text Files")

This is what I get Listing the Properties and Methods of the Object, in the property definition of AllowedFileGroups I can see that I need to create IFsrmMutableCollection.
Listing the Properties and Methods of a Command or Object
Does anyone have an idea of how to create the file screen exception?