how to create a website (self-service portal) to manage windows services via PS

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    Hi All,

    I would like to create a self-service portal (IIS Website) to manage the windows services.(start\Stop\Restart).

    Please suggest how we can achieve this requirement.

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    Hey, I would suggest:
    You create a module with a function that write the state of the service to a database table, lets call it: Service-state.tbl
    On your webpage you crawl each state with sql to Display it. Then you have to create another table Service-action or something like that, where you store actions for a service that a user will made for a service. Then you need two scheduled task (they call two functions out if the module) one that reads the action table and will execute the given task and delete the entry in the table after the execution and one that writes to the database. The second script have to scheduled AFTER the first, so that you can provide the user on the frontend the "live"-status.

    Hope my idea helps you out.


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