How to create EXAMPLE function help text

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    Anthony Stringer

    having trouble creating EXAMPLE help text for a fucntion.

    here is the function

    #    $var = 'Sid'
    #    Get-Hello $var
    #    This command will return "Hello Sid!"
    #    Get-Hello
    #    This command will return "Hello World!"
    function Get-Hello {
        param (
            $name = 'World'
        return "Hello $name!"

    here is what the first example looks like when i run Get-Help Get-Hello -Examples. note, the second line is not prefixed by 'PS C:\>' and there are 3 empty lines before the second example

    	-------------------------- EXAMPLE 1 --------------------------
        PS C:\>$var = 'Sid'
        Get-Hello $var
        This command will return "Hello Sid!"
        -------------------------- EXAMPLE 2 --------------------------

    desired result is like example 6 of Get-Help Get-ChildItem -Examples. both commands are prefixed by 'PS C:\>' and there are only two blank lines before the next example

    	-------------------------- EXAMPLE 6 --------------------------
        PS C:\>Import-Module Microsoft.PowerShell.Security
        PS C:\>Get-ChildItem -Path Cert:\* -Recurse -CodeSigningCert
        This command gets all of the certificates in the Windows PowerShell Cert: drive that have code-signing authority.
        The first command imports the Microsoft.PowerShell.Security module into the session. This module includes the
        Certificate provider that creates the Cert: drive.
        The second command uses the Get-ChildItem cmdlet. The value of the Path parameter is the Cert: drive. The Recurse
        parameter requests a recursive search. The CodeSigningCertificate parameter is a dynamic parameter that the
        Certificate provider adds to the Get-ChildItem cmdlet. This parameter gets only certificates that have code-signing
        For more information about the Certificate provider and the Cert: drive, go to or use the Update-Help cmdlet to download the help files for the
        Microsoft.PowerShell.Security module and then type "Get-Help Certificate".
        -------------------------- EXAMPLE 7 --------------------------
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    Christian Sandfeld

    Hi Anthony,

    Check out this blog article by June Blender, where she explains some of the intricacies of comment based help:

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    Anthony Stringer

    thanks for the read, however, i was unable to find information regarding multiline examples, and noticed something not quite right with microsoft's own documentation

    this link
    says if you have this

    C:\PS> extension -name "File"

    your result will look like this

    -------------------------- EXAMPLE 1 --------------------------
    C:\PS> extension -name "File"
    -------------------------- EXAMPLE 2 --------------------------

    which i was unable to reproduce in my own testing

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