how to encryp function trigger of sqlserver.

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    Any documentation linke would be helpfull. i want to encrypt functions and triggers

    $db = (new-Object Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Smo.Server("[DataBase Engine Name]")).Databases.Item("[DataBase Name]")

    Foreach ($sp in $db.StoredProcedures){
    if (!$sp.IsEncrypted){
    $sp.TextMode = $false;
    $sp.IsEncrypted = $true;
    $sp.TextMode = $true;
    Write-Host "$sp.Name fail to encrypted."

    yours scinelrey

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    You'd likely get a better answer from a SQL Server-specific forum. You're not really "using PowerShell," here, you're using SQL Server Management Objects. Consider StackExchange, or perhaps the PASS forums, to find folks who are a bit more specialized in SQL Server and SMO.

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