How to get a CSV from a website into a variable?

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      Specifically, I’m trying to get our Azure Billing Report, which is a CSV file, and then write it to Azure blob storage.
      As I am trying to do this from an Azure function, I don’t really have the luxury of writing to a file first AFAIK.

      When I do this, everything is fine, and I get a nice CSV
      Invoke-WebRequest $url -Headers $authHeaders -OutFile Billing.txt

      When I do this, all I get is one big string of text:
      $BlobStorageCSV = Invoke-WebRequest $url -Headers $authHeaders

      My Azure Function would then write it to BlobStorage, but ideally not as one big string, but as a nice CSV…

      I have also tried with Invoke-RestMethod, and specifying CSV as the output format, but no luck there either.
      Also, the first two lines of the file is not in CSV format, which might make it trickier(?)…

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      Try this:

      $BlobStorageCSV = Invoke-WebRequest $url -Headers $authHeaders | ConvertTo-Csv

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