How to provide multiple mocks to pester?

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    I'm a newbie to Pester so please forgive me if this has been answered already. I want to run multiple unit tests on a PowerShell function, providing a range of mocks to exercise the function. Below is the function and test code I've written. I'd like to mock Get-WASJob multiple times, providinga seperate mock to each unit test.
    How do I do this?

    Function GetWASJob {
        param ( [string]$project, [string]$job, [string]$os, [string]$runtype )
        $runjob = Get-WASJob -ProjectName $project -JobName $job -ErrorAction Stop
        #Check if the WAS job is valid
        if ($runjob -and $runjob.JobName) {
            WriteToLog "GetWASJob: Returned a valid WAS job" $logfile
        else {
            WriteToLog "GetWASJob: Valid WAS job not returned...Quit" $logfile
        return $runjob

    Pester code to test the above function:

    Describe "GetWASJob" {
        Context "Just Testing..." {
            Mock Get-WASJob {
                $obj = New-MockObject -Type 'Microsoft.Assessments.WAS.PowerShell.WASJob'
                $obj | Add-Member -Type NoteProperty -Name 'JobName' -Value 'PesterJob1' -Force
                $obj | Add-Member -Type NoteProperty -Name 'Tags' -Value 'PesterTag1' -Force
                return $obj
        	$result = GetWASJob -project "Project1" -job "Job1" -os "Windows10" -runtype "Production"
    	    It "Verified that all mocks were called" {
    	    It "Checks that a valid job object was returned" {
                $result.JobName | Should Be "PesterJob1"
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    If I'm understanding what you want, you'd use multiple Context blocks for each scenario.

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