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      I have few SQL script files and I am trying to remove the “GO” keyword from the files. unfortunately, there are many other words matching the search criteria and I do not want to replace them.

      I want to replace the “GO” word only in those lines wherein the line does not have any other words except “GO”. I am able to find the line numbers where I have to do the changes but not sure how to make the changes in files.


      $FILEFOLDER =gc “c:\test.sql”

      $linenumber= $FILEFOLDER | select-string “GO”

      foreach($line in $linenumber) {
      if($len -eq 2)

      $contentUpdate = $FILEFOLDER[$linenumbers] -replace “GO=”,”GO=$output”
      Set-Content $NEWPATH $contentUpdate




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      Another method using Select-String.  Here we use a regular expression with the start of string (^) and end of string ($) anchors to get an exact match on the line.  We output all lines that don’t match to another file.


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