how to use variable for Invoke-Sqlcmd -ServerInstance

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    Hi all!

    Have a question on how to pipe/use variable in Invoke-Sqlcmd -ServerInstance.
    Usecase: working on script which runs some SQL code for SQLServer\Instance, but they are different most of the time.

    I can retrieve SQLServer Instance as System.Strings but can not pipe to the command.
    Set-location sqlserver:\sql\ doesn't accept variables too

    Invoke-Sqlcmd -ServerInstance $a.SqlServerName\$b.SQLInstanceName -Query "SELECT @@VERSION"

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    You'll need to use subexpression operators to get the behavior you're after:

    Invoke-Sqlcmd -ServerInstance "$($a.SqlServerName)\$($b.SQLInstanceName)" -Query "SELECT @@VERSION"

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