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      I have this code and it will find in this example the word FedEx in the word documents under the C:\temp folder and puts this in a csv file.
      now I want to save the file with $findtext + “_” original filename.
      original filename is “shipping arrangements.docx” and I want it to be saved as(if the word Fedex is found anywhere within the doc) Fedex_shipping arrangements.docx

      Here is the code

      Set-StrictMode -Version latest
      $path = “c:\Temp”
      $files = Get-Childitem $path -Include *.docx,*.doc -Recurse | Where-Object { !($_.psiscontainer) }
      $output = “c:\temp\wordfiletry.csv”
      $application = New-Object -comobject word.application
      $application.visible = $False
      $findtext = “FEdEx”
      $charactersAround = 0
      $results = @{}
      Function getStringMatch
      # Loop through all *.doc files in the $path directory
      Foreach ($file In $files)
      $document = $$file.FullName,$false,$true)
      $range = $document.content
      If($range.Text -match “.{$($charactersAround)}$($findtext).{$($charactersAround)}”){
      $properties = @{
      File = $file.FullName
      Match = $findtext
      TextAround = $Matches[0]
      $results += New-Object -TypeName PsCustomObject -Property $properties
      $results | Export-Csv $output -NoTypeInformation
      import-csv $output

      if there is one word doc it will work with 2 word documents in there I get this error
      Method invocation failed because [System.Management.Automation.PSObject] does not contain a method named ‘op_Addition’.
      At line:26 char:14
      + … $results += New-Object -TypeName PsCustomObject -Property …
      + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      + CategoryInfo : InvalidOperation: (op_Addition:String) [], RuntimeException
      + FullyQualifiedErrorId : MethodNotFound

      any pointers?

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      You’re posting this question again? If this script will work fine for one document, then the following changes should solve your problem.

      Change these 2 lines

      $results = @{}
      $results += New-Object -TypeName PsCustomObject -Property $properties

      to these

      $results = @()
      $results += (New-Object -TypeName PsCustomObject -Property $properties)

      The issue is you made $results a hashtable and you need to enclose the new-object command in parenthesis to make a subexpression.

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