Implicit-remoting command validation mechanism

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    Recently one of our scripts has started generating the below warning:

    "WARNING: Commands available in the newly opened remote session are different than when the implicit remoting module was created. Consider recreating the module using Export-PSSession cmdlet."

    It doesn't impact the functionality of the script as far as we can tell but it isn't clear to me what the implications are. I understand the basics of implicit remoting and export/import-pssession but I'm not sure how this is determining the commands are different. Does this mean that when I start the session to the remote server and import the module the module is noticing that the remote server has modules/commands that it did not have before? There are a number of alternative theories but trying to test all of them would be a nightmare and I'm hoping someone already has the knowledge I seek. Please let me know if I can provide further clarification.

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