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    David Schmidtberger

    I've been looking and trying to figure out how to use input-csv to grab any csv file within a specified folder.

    need to run a script against csv files that will have different file-names every-time.

    any ideas?

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    Dave Wyatt

    You can just use Get-ChildItem *.csv to find the files, and then import them inside a loop. Something like this:

    Get-ChildItem c:\SomeFolder\*.csv |
    ForEach-Object {
        $file = $_
        $data = Import-Csv -Path $file.FullName
        # Do something with the data in $file
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    David Schmidtberger

    was hoping for a little easier method, as it will only ever be 1 file in the input file location, i will then move the file out after processing.

    get-childitem seemed a little more complex than needed

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    David Schmidtberger

    never mind i should have just tried it. didn't think it actually would be as easy as *.csv

    somedays you over-think things

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