Inserting data to SQL table

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    Venkata Kalyan

    I have a table in SQL named: abc & columns as "Aggregation Start Time, Aggregation End Time, Time Taken for whole process".

    I have text file with below data:
    Aggregation Start Time – 2017-06-27 22.30.00
    Aggregation End Time – 2017-06-28 01.25.35
    Time taken for whole process – 10288

    It has to dump the data in text file to abc table as per the column names.

    I tried lot of the things & it did not help. Can someone guide me on this.


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    Curtis Smith

    Don Jones made a nice little powershell module for posting data to SQL. You should check out "Ditch Excel: Historical and Trend Reports with PowerShell and SQL Server" in the eBooks section.

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