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    Hello there,
    is it possible to read out the current installed printer and then we do a machine swap and reinstall the printers?
    they are network printers...

    thanks in advance

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    Example 1: Get a list of printers

    This command retrieves a list of printers and printer connections on the local computer

    PS C:\> Get-Printer

    I normally output this to server share with pc hostname:
    $H = hostname
    Get-Printer > "\\servername\share\$H printers.txt"

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    Drivers are the main issue. Add-Printer cmdlet can only use printers already installed in Windows
    There is nice write-up from the Scripting Guy: install-printer-drivers-with-powershell-in-windows-8
    Or you could export-windowsdriver or pnputil and just transfer all the drivers to the new machine.

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