Invoke-Command + Get-ChildItem = Output?

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      I have a script that used Start-Job to start Get-ChildItem script. For reasons that are too long to get into, I wanted to try this methodology with Invoke-Command instead!

      The command looks like this:

      However, instead of $a containing the output for the Get-Childitem command ( a list of executables), it instead contains the output for the job!

      What am I doing wrong?
      I have attempted to use Receive-Job but have had no success yet. This is the error I get when I try to receive-job

      Thanks ahead of time!

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      If you want the output of the remote command to be stored in $a, don’t use the -AsJob switch. If you continue to use a job, then once $a shows a State other than Running, you can use $a | Receive-Job for the output. Access denied errors could be a number of things. I’d make sure the account running Invoke-Command has access to perform the remote command as if it were running the command locally on the target system. Admin elevation may be required in the shell as well.

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      Here’s an example. In powershell 7 it comes out blank though, lol. For this example, the prompt has to be elevated.

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