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      I have a project to run a cmdlet whether on a server or workstation to get the list of updates which includes the description of the update, date/time installed, so I went ahead and used Get-WUHistory and it did showed me the results I wanted.

      Here’s my issue, my boss wanted me to send/export the results instead of saving it to a file, he wants me to send the results to one of our websites. I used the cmdlet

      Invoke-WebRequest -Uri https://<domain&gt; -Method POST

      But I talked to one of the developer of the website and told me to include the ff:

      token: xxxxxxxxxx

      private_ip: 192.x.x.x

      I run the following cmdlet below:


      Invoke-WebRequest -Uri https://<domain&gt; -Method POST

      And I’m getting a Bad Request (400) error so I’m not sure if I’m doing the proper way in doing POST



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      Hello Jeff,

      Looks like you need to get more information from your API developer and use tools like Postman or any addons for your browser to debug/test your API requests. For example Resting for Mozilla:

      From your post it appears that you need to provide auth token to your API(in headers or in query) and POST your Get-WUHistory output int the request body.

      Hope that helps.


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