Is there a way to display the content added to a variable when it is created?

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    Vandrey Trindade


    Newbie question, is there a way to show the content of a variable when it is created?
    e.g. Create a variable that contains an array with all distribution groups and display its content on the console

    $Groups = Get-Distribution

    I was wondering something like the Tee-Object (shows on the console and saves the result on a file) but without creating a file...

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    Olaf Soyk
    New-Variable -Name Groups -Value (Get-Distribution) -PassThru

    For new variables. And

    Set-Variable -Name Groups -Value (Get-Distribution) -PassThru

    to change the value

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    Jeremy Murrah

    not sure what version they added it to, but you can also use the -outvariable parameter like this:

    Get-Distribution -OutVariable Groups

    That will display on the screen and put it into $Groups

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    Vandrey Trindade

    Jeremy Murrah,

    Thanks, that was the best way for me!

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    Vandrey Trindade


    I found an article that explained three ways to do this. So I thought that I should share with you guys:

    Get-Process -Id $pid -OutVariable b
    ($a = Get-Process -Id $pid)
    Get-Process -Id $pid | Tee-Object -Variable c

    Same option but faster, using the pipeline:

    Tee-Object -InputObject (Get-Process -Id $pid) -Variable d

    Hope it helps =]

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