Is there a way to simulate drag and drop into window?

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    Some applications have this allow only one instance option which is convenient.

    I am using an tail application that doesn't support this. But in windows explorer I can drag the file and it open in another tab.

    So if I am using powershell I first open windows explorer (ii .), then drag the file into that window. I am wondering if there is a way of doing this directly in powershell. I think I can get the list of windows and match "baretail" against it, but after that I don't know how to simulate dragging the file into that window.

    Thank you for any indication!

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    Don Jones

    Not using PowerShell, no. Not really, not without getting really hacky and gnarly, and even then you're talking about marshalling complex event objects that live in C++. You can look into AutoIt, though. It might be suitable.

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