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    Currently having an issue when trying to replace proxyaddresses.

    1st I get the proxys
    $proxys = (get-aduser $username -properties proxyaddresses).proxyaddresses

    Then I change the users proxyaddresses through ADUC

    I then run the above command again and compare to $proxys to confirm changes have been made

    set-aduser $user -replace @{proxyaddresses=$proxys}

    This leaves me with no addresses in proxyaddresses. If I then run
    get-aduser $username -Properties proxyaddresses | select proxyaddresses
    the result is


    This should be a relatively simple task yet I cannot seem to get it working.

    Any ideas on where I'm going wrong ? Using PS3.0.

    I can complete the task successfully with the Quest cmdlets but am trying to use the ActiveDirectory Module more and more and ween myself off Quest.

    Thanks in advance

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    The above article is using -ADD, I am looking for -REPLACE

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    I wasn't able to reproduce the behavior you're describing. Set-ADUser with the syntax you posted worked fine every time I tried it. What are the values of your $user and $proxys variables right before you run the Set-ADUser command?

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