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      Hello Powershell community.

      I'm having an issue with a script.

      I'm using it to send a file to a list of computers. everything works fine at the beggining but after a while i get this error :

      New-PSDrive : The local device name has a remembered connection to another network resource

      Here is my script

      Remove-PSDrive -Name k -ErrorAction silentlyContinue #in case there already is a K:
      $liste = get-content "\\*****\3-Clients\3-Run\Manpower\scripts\listepchd.txt"
      $fichier = "\\*****\3-Clients\3-Run\Manpower\TSD\MPW - Nettoyage disque .ps1"
      $LWTSERVER = Get-childitem "\\*****-\3-Clients\3-Run\TSD\MPW - Nettoyage disque .ps1"
      $liste| foreach {
      $items = $_.split(",")
      foreach ($item in $items){
      Start-Sleep 3
      [String]$path = "\\$item\c$"
      [string] $destination = "k:\Temp\Nettoyage disque"
      write-host "$item marche bien"
      New-PSDrive –Name “K” –PSProvider FileSystem –Root “$path” –Persist
      write-host "\\$path est le chemin"
      if (!(test-path -path $destination)) {
      New-Item $destination -ItemType directory
      Copy-Item -path $fichier -Destination $destination -recurse -force
      Remove-PSDrive -Name k -ErrorAction Continue
      } else {
      $presence = test-path -Path 'K:\Temp\Nettoyage disque\MPW - Nettoyage disque .ps1'
      if ($presence -eq "true") {
      $LWTPC = Get-ChildItem -Path "K:\Temp\Nettoyage disque\MPW - Nettoyage disque .ps1"
      if ($lWTPC.lastwritetime -lt $LWTSERVER.lastwritetime){
      Remove-Item -Path "k:\Temp\Nettoyage disque\MPW - Nettoyage disque .ps1"
      Copy-Item -path $fichier -Destination $destination -recurse -force
      Remove-PSDrive -Name k -ErrorAction Continue
      write-host "fichier sur le poste, plus récent, pas de copie"
      Remove-PSDrive -Name k -ErrorAction Continue
      Remove-PSDrive -Name k -ErrorAction silentlyContinue
      Remove-PSDrive -Name k -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue


      It works for maybe 15 computers, and then i only get the error for every item.

      I don't know what to do, can someone give me a hint?


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      My assumption is that a K is mapped and there is an active connection to files or something. When you do this:

      Remove-PSDrive -Name k -ErrorAction silentlyContinue

      It's doing a SilentlyContinue, which means if this fails you are still trying to do the rest of your script, but having K is a requirement. While you can wrap a try\catch around this and use -ErrorAction Stop, the script is going to stop working for that machine. A better approach would not to depend on K: and use some logic to dynamically determine next available letter:

      #Define drive letters we want to try
      $DriveLetters = 69..90 | foreach{[char]$_}
      #Get drives used on machine
      $usedDrives = Get-PSDrive -PSProvider FileSystem | Select -ExpandProperty Name
      #Use compare object to see what is available and return the letter we can use
      $nextAvailDriveLetter = Compare-Object -ReferenceObject $usedDrives -DifferenceObject $DriveLetters |
                              Where-Object -FilterScript {$_.SideIndicator -eq '=>'} |
                              Select-Object -ExpandProperty InputObject -First 1
      'Mapping to next available drive {0}' -f $nextAvailDriveLetter

      For instance, on my machine, it's E:

      Mapping to next available drive E

      If I map E, then it would move to F...if F was mapped then it would return G.

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      Thanks for the answer, i finally took it all back to the beginning and managed to find a much easier way, i just went with copy-item //remotecomputer and it worked perfectly fine.

      I never needed to map a drive -.-

      Sorry for taking your time and thanks again, i will use your solution later for sure =)

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