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    From the documentation it seems that when I register my PSSC it should configure the session configuration's security based on the RequiredGroups setting.  When I am registering my PSSC it adds security for the groups in my configuration file, but it doesn't say AccessAllowed, it shows AccessAllowedCallback.  Here is my PSSC file:


    # Version number of the schema used for this document
    SchemaVersion = ''
    # ID used to uniquely identify this document
    GUID = 'ba4fb5c9-4874-4d29-baf2-0e0b84ce462c'
    # Author of this document
    Author = 'Scott Heath'
    # Company associated with this document
    CompanyName = 'Company'
    # Copyright statement for this document
    Copyright = '(c) 2019 Company. All rights reserved.'
    # Session type defaults to apply for this session configuration. Can be 'RestrictedRemoteServer' (recommended), 'Empty', or 'Default'
    SessionType = 'RestrictedRemoteServer'
    # Creates a 'User' PSDrive in the session for use with Copy-Item when File System provider is not visible.
    MountUserDrive = $true
    # User roles (security groups), and the role capabilities that should be applied to them when applied to a session
    # RoleDefinitions = @{ 'CONTOSO\SqlAdmins' = @{ RoleCapabilities = 'SqlAdministration' }; 'CONTOSO\SqlManaged' = @{ RoleCapabilityFiles = 'C:\RoleCapability\SqlManaged.psrc' }; 'CONTOSO\ServerMonitors' = @{ VisibleCmdlets = 'Get-Process' } }
    RoleDefinitions = @{
    'Company\GS-JEA-SqlDbMgmt'=@{ RoleCapabilities='SQLServerJEA' }
    # Group accounts for which membership is required to use the session.
    # RequiredGroups = @{ And = @{ Or = 'CONTOSO\SmartCard-Logon1', 'CONTOSO\SmartCard-Logon2' }, 'Administrators' }
    RequiredGroups = @{ Or = 'Company\GS-JEA-SqlDbMgmt','Administrators' }
    # Language mode to apply when applied to a session. Can be 'NoLanguage' (recommended), 'RestrictedLanguage', 'ConstrainedLanguage', or 'FullLanguage'
    LanguageMode = 'NoLanguage'
    # Execution policy to apply when applied to a session
    ExecutionPolicy = 'RemoteSigned'


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