Lab 9 - Question 3 - Learn Windows Powershell In A Month Of Lunches

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    Would this third version of the command work to retrieve the list of hotfixes
    from the domain controllers? Why or why not? Write out an explanation, similar
    to the ones I provided earlier in this chapter.

    get-adcomputer -filter * `
    -searchbase "ou=domain controllers,dc=company,dc=pri" |`
    Select-Object @{l='computername';e={$}} |`

    The lab answers state that this solution should work. However, it seems to just run on the localhost and ignore the results found in get-adcomputer. What am I missing here?

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    Don Jones

    It used to work. Microsoft had a bug in the command and removed the pipeline binding for the computer name parameter.

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    Ah okay. The command help does not reflect that. Thanks very much for your feedback!

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