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    Alexander Johansson


    I have a Windows 10 client which I am testing with DSC.
    The LCM is configured with the default value on ConfigurationModeFrequencyMins (15).
    The LCM does not do a consistency check on a scheduled basis, it does only do it on restart or on configuration update.

    If I execute "Start-DscConfiguration -UseExisting" it does the configuration correctly and it shows in the operational log.

    The ConfigurationMode is ApplyAndAutoCorrect.

    Is there anyone else experiencing the same problem?

    The problem is similar to the one in the following thread:

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    Ed O’Connor

    I don't have a specific answer as I am very new to DSC but came across this article on troubleshooting DSC via the event logs. Maybe it can help you figure out what is going on:


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    Alexander Johansson

    I am sorry, that article will be of no help.

    Isn't there anyone else that has experienced this error?


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