Learn Windows PowerShell3 In a Month of Lunches 2nd Edition Chapter 9 Lab

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    bruce blake

    I am trying to learn PowerShell using Learn Windows PowerShell3 In a Month of Lunches 2nd Edition

    The Chapoter 9 Lab for number 4 had this question:
    Write a command that uses pipeline parameter binding to retrieve a list of running processes from every computer in an AD domain.
    Don't use parentheses.

    And this was the answer (which was the same answer that I came up with) but I do not think it is working correctly.

    get-adcomputer -filter * | Select-Object @{Label='computername';Expression={$_.name}} | Get-Process

    Here is the result:


    from running this part of the command:

    get-adcomputer -filter * | Select-Object @{Label='computername';Expression={$_.name}}

    Yet, when I run the entire command the results did NOT look correct.

    So I modified the command and added a select and a sort:

    get-adcomputer -filter * | Select-Object @{Label='computername';expression={$_.name}} | Get-Process |
    Select-Object -Property MachineName, ProcessName, Id, VirtualMemorySize | Sort-Object -Property Id

    Now the results shown below tell me I was correct and the results were not what I expected:

    MachineName ProcessName Id VirtualMemorySize
    ———– ———– — —————–
    LYNCDC6 Idle 0 0
    LYNCDC6 Idle 0 0
    LYNCDC6 Idle 0 0
    LYNCDC6 Idle 0 0
    LYNCDC6 System 4 3461120
    LYNCDC6 System 4 3461120
    LYNCDC6 System 4 3461120
    LYNCDC6 System 4 3461120
    LYNCDC6 smss 280 4644864

    Is it possible that PowerShell 4 needs a different command than PowerShell 3?


    Name : ConsoleHost
    Version : 4.0
    InstanceId : d0f58f22-df14-4b5c-b4f0-6b18a2c1f636
    UI : System.Management.Automation.Internal.Host.InternalHostUserInterface
    CurrentCulture : en-US
    CurrentUICulture : en-US
    PrivateData : Microsoft.PowerShell.ConsoleHost+ConsoleColorProxy
    IsRunspacePushed : False
    Runspace : System.Management.Automation.Runspaces.LocalRunspace

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    Dave Wyatt

    It looks like this might be a bug with Get-Process. I can reproduce it easily on the local computer (running PowerShell 5 with the latest preview):

    $objects = @(
        [pscustomobject] @{ ComputerName = $env:COMPUTERNAME }
        [pscustomobject] @{ ComputerName = '.' }
    Trace-Command ParameterBinding -PSHost -Expression {
        $procs = $objects | Get-Process
    $procs | sort ID | Format-Table MachineName,ProcessName,ID

    In the Trace-Command output, it looks like it's binding both the '.' and the full computer name strings to the ComputerName parameter properly, but for some reason only the first value in the list seems to be actually used when the cmdlet starts retrieving processes. I've poked around in the code a bit with ILSpy, and so far have not spotted where the problem is.

    Edit: Scratch that, found the bug. Will pass the info on to Microsoft. Not sure if this is new to PS 4.0 or not; would have to set up a computer with PowerShell 3 to test.

    In any case, not your fault; your code looks exactly like it should for ByPropertyName pipeline binding to work.

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    Dave Wyatt

    Bug report filed here, and I also emailed it on to the PS MVP mailing list: https://connect.microsoft.com/PowerShell/feedback/details/1164861

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