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    How to list directories and sort by size

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    Hello, Hitesh.

    You should be able to get what you want using the script bellow:

    #requires -version 3.0
    $path = "c:\"
    $fso = New-Object -ComObject scripting.filesystemobject
    $folders = Foreach($folder in (Get-ChildItem $path -Directory -Recurse))
    New-Object -TypeName psobject -Property @{
    size=[int]($fso.GetFolder($folder.FullName.ToString()).size /1MB)}
    $folders | sort size -Descending | ? size -gt 1000
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      Hi Renan,

      great, thank you. does exactly what I was looking for to.

      I did basic powershell and this is what I came up to and has some flaws, but the one you gave is perfect

      gci * | where mode -eq "d—–" | % {$_.Name; gci -recurse $_.Name | Measure-object -Sum length| % {$_.sum/1024/1024} | ft $_.Name,Sum; " "}

      Thank you,


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