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    hi guys..
    i'm making a file search tool on a mapped drive..
    i m using the command
    get childitem c:\ | outgridview -passthru | invokeItem

    i simplified it here for you (actually it contains message box in wich directory you want to search and another messbox for the word you look in the name of the file or directory)...

    it works great but at the end the console closes and i want it to ask do you want to make a new search or leave : type in &L (to leave) or enter to make a new search —>so the script restarts from the beginning.. thank you guys for considering my request

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    Olaf Soyk

    What's the question? If you want to run the script in a loop you have to put a loop there ... 😉

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      actually i did a loop but the problem is my folder selectionbox is overlapping the result of the previous request... i think i must add a few extra code after the results are displayed.. ty

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