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    this is my first request to have the pipeline mode as classic with v4.0 of .net clr
    I normally use this below dsc to get the site running. would I need to modify a module to define my options and then add a line to the dsc get the option of "managed pipeline mode"?

                ShortName           = 'sitename'
                DNSSuffix           = ''
                SiteAuthors         = ("admin")
                State               = 'Started'
                RuntimeVersion      = 'v4.0'
                Enable32Bit         = 'Enabled'
                Nodes               = ('dev-A1', 'dev-A2')
                IISAnonymousAuth    = 'Disabled'
                IISAnonymousUser    = ''
                IISWindowsAuth      = 'Enabled'
                Applications        = @()
                VirtualDirectories  = @()
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    The current Website resource doesn't support that.

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      how do you know what the modules support?
      not just for this but other features

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    easiest way is to run get-dscresource and expand the properties property.

    get-dscresource Website | % properties

    Also many of the microsoft resources are out on github now, and the readme for the project has a little more info about the resources and properties available to them.

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