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    Steven Gaglione

    Anyone manage to get this working? There is such sparse if any documentation on the topic and the sample MSDN projects that help along with MOF/XML tools work poorly.

    I'm trying to expose my custom modules or builtin ones as a rest api that can be triggered via rest/wcf. Say from applications in, lightswitch and even powershell itself.

    I came across this post and I'm not quite feeling the options in particular and would like to roll my own barebones service endpoint.

    Hopefully someone has done this or knows some better documentation to get this working as MSDN is poorly presented as well as TechNET.

    ~ Steve

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    Don Jones

    I'm not finding anyone who's played with this to any extent, unfortunately, but I'll keep asking ;).

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    Steven Gaglione

    Thanks Don!

    I might have to take the route of developing my own .net interface for this then. Would've been nice to have this detailed so all i had to do is create a few xml files to get it up and running.

    ~ Steve

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