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    Haim Ziv

    I am trying to use this method, but i don't really understand how to do it – who can assist?

    I am contacting a web-service using this command:

    $proxy = New-WebServiceProxy -Uri http://mywebservice/services/v1_1/VidyoPortalAdminService?wsdl

    Then, I am typing this command:

    $proxyy.getMembers | Format-List

    And getting:

    MemberType : Method
    OverloadDefinitions : {Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.NewWebserviceProxy.AutogeneratedTypes.WebServiceProxy31_VidyoPortalAdminService_wsdl.GetMembersResponse
    getMembers(Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.NewWebserviceProxy.AutogeneratedTypes.WebServiceProxy31_VidyoPortalAdminService_wsdl.GetMembersRequest GetMembersRequest)}
    TypeNameOfValue : System.Management.Automation.PSMethod
    Value : Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.NewWebserviceProxy.AutogeneratedTypes.WebServiceProxy31_VidyoPortalAdminService_wsdl.GetMembersResponse
    getMembers(Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.NewWebserviceProxy.AutogeneratedTypes.WebServiceProxy31_VidyoPortalAdminService_wsdl.GetMembersRequest GetMembersRequest)
    Name : getMembers
    IsInstance : True

    How can i generate the member list?

    Many thanks!

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    Don Jones

    Try running:

    $proxy | Get-Member

    However, the getMembers method should be doing approximately the same thing, and it seems to indicate that getMembers is in fact the only method exposed by the proxy.

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