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    Any word on Management Framework's 5.1 final release?

    Heard it was to be released with Server 2016.

    Dilemma: Have mixed environments W2K8 (PoSH 2), Win7 (PoSH 2), W2012R2 (WFW 5), Win8.1 (MFW 5).

    I have some arbitrary scripts that check architecture and install .NET 4.5.2 and install MFW 4, but it becomes troublesome to install MFW 5 on top in the same script. 1000+ computers/servers. WSUS can install the .NETFramework, but not WMF :'(

    I hear MFW 5.1 will be fully backwards compatible and will make the update path so much more enjoyable, thus deploy scripting achievable for a script kiddie.

    Any word or feedback on the subject?

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    So, it's actually Windows Management Framework, or WMF (not MFW; good to know if you're Googling). And 5.1 is indeed in Win2016; they haven't announced a timeline for down version releases.

    5.1 should be fully compatible with 5.0. But until it's out, it's hard to say what the update path will be in terms of enjoyment.

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