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    rambog cnonline.net

    On my Windows 7 machine provided by my employer, I had the admin staff load WMF 4.0 (I am not a local admin on this machine) and I am sitting at PSVersion=4.0 (from $psversiontable). I had them install and enable RSAT. The DNS manager is there i.e, the mmc that allows one to connect to a Microsoft DNS machine.. When I issue " get-module -listavailable" , I see about 17 manifests but no DnsServer. When I try to issue get-DnsServerResourceRecord, I get a message stating the cmdlet is not recognized.

    How do I get this module to load so I can use that cmdlet?

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    The minimum supported client for the DnsServer module is Windows 8: https://msdn.microsoft.com/library/windows/desktop/hh832775.aspx
    This module is not available on Windows 7.

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    rambog cnonline.net

    Thank you for your guidance and prompt reply.

    Frustrating, however, with MSFT's stance.

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    Enter-PSSession to a Windows 2012 server or evaluate Windows 10 in a VM 🙂
    Dont forget about authentication if your Windows 2012 server is not your DNS server

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