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    I`m running a configuration via PULL server and it gets this error:
    Job {69867AC0-2E1E-11E8-9E69-0050568A9182} :
    MIResult: 6
    Error Message: The PowerShell DSC resource MSFT_ScriptResource from module does not exist at the PowerShell module path nor is it registered as a WMI DSC resource.
    Message ID: DscResourceNotFound
    Error Category: 7
    Error Code: 6
    Error Type: MI

    I don`t know why it is trying to use 1.0 version... Both PULL and node machines are whit version 1.1

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    Check the MOF. Something is demanding v1.0 of that module.

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    1 instance of MSFT_ScriptResource as $MSFT_ScriptResource1ref
    2 {
    3 ResourceID = "[Script]DisableFirewall";
    4 GetScript = " \n Return @{ \n Result = [string]$(netsh advfirewall show allprofiles) \n } \n ";
    5 TestScript = " \n If ((netsh advfirewall show allprofiles) -like \"State*On*\") { \n Write-Verbose \"One or more firewall profiles are On\" \n Return $false \n } Else { \n Write-Verbose \"All firewall profiles are off\" \n Return $true \n } \n ";
    6 SourceInfo = "C:\\Users\\Administrator\\Documents\\test-repos\\PS-DSC.SQLServer\\ConfigFiles\\2-PreStaging.ps1::28::4::Script";
    7 SetScript = " \n Write-Verbose \"Setting all firewall profiles to off\" \n netsh advfirewall set allprofiles state off \n ";
    8 ModuleName = "PSDesiredStateConfiguration";
    10 ModuleVersion = "1.1";
    12 ConfigurationName = "PreStaging.SQLPullDSC-1";

    Line 10 was ModuleVersion = "1.0";
    Then I changed to 1.1 and it passed. How can I compile MOF file with 1.1 version???

    Thanks a Lot!

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    Look at the machine you're compiling on, and make sure you're explicitly importing the version you want used.

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