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    Hi all

    I have an issue with PowerShell and the Mount-DiskImage cmdlet-it doesn't auto assign a drive letter when it mounts a VHD. If I use

    $Disk=Mount-DiskImage -ImagePath $VHD -PassThru 

    It will mount the VHD file but it will not assign a drive letter, nor does seem to even be attached.

    Attached : False
    BlockSize : 2097152
    DevicePath :
    FileSize : 55220109312
    ImagePath : Path to VHD
    LogicalSectorSize : 512
    Number :
    Size : 137067757568
    StorageType : 3
    PSComputerName :

    Any help would be appreciated.
    Thanks in advance

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    What OS are you using? Do you see your VHD mounted in Explorer? When I tested this with Windows 10 1703, I get the same output in the console (Attached = False), but when I check Explorer, I see the mounted VHD with a drive letter.

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      yes I am running 17.03 as well. I see it in Disk Management mounted but there is no drive letter assigned to it. I can assign a drive letter to it from DiskPart and from Disk Management but not from PowerShell as it it doesn't even return a ID for the disk number so I can't pipe it to the Get-Disk cmdlet

      Strange indeed.

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    If you open Diskpart as an administrator and type automount it will give the current policy. Setting this to enable i.e. automount enable should give any new VHD's a drive letter

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      I checked on the automount setting with DiskPart and it is set to enabled already.

      I have bypassed Mount-DiskImage and enabled Hyper-V Services so I can use Mount-VHD.
      The Mount-VHD command works as expected, I assume the Mount-DiskImage just does not work as I would expect it to.

      Thanks again!

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