Moving columns from one CSV file to another file


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    Venkata Kalyan

    I have five CSV files. Each file has B, C, D, E columns.
    I want to move these columns to a new file.

    For example:
    1.csv has B, C, D, E columns.
    2.csv has B, C, D, E columns.
    3.csv has B, C, D, E columns.
    4.csv has B, C, D, E columns.
    5.csv has B, C, D, E columns.

    These columns must be copied to new file: 6.csv
    I wrote the below script, but it is giving me error. Any help would be really good.
    $source = "c:\temp\1.csv"
    $dest = "C:\temp\6.csv"
    $Excel = New-Object -ComObject Excel.Application
    $Excel.visible = $false
    $Workbooksource = $$source)
    $Worksheetsource = $Workbooksource.WorkSheets.item("Bit")
    $range = $Worksheetsource.Range("B1:C1:D1:E1").EntireColumn
    $range.Copy() | out-null

    $Workbookdest = $$dest)
    $Worksheetdest = $Workbookdest.Worksheets.item("MergedwithHeader_Sample")
    $Range = $Worksheetdest.Range("A1:B1:C1:D1")


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    Olaf Soyk


    you might take a look at the cmdlets import-csv and export-csv. This could make your life much easier.

    Have a nice day

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    random commandline
    $csvs = Get-ChildItem "\\path\to\*.csv"
    $results = foreach ($csv in $csvs){Import-Csv $csv}
    $results | Export-Csv "\\path\to\6.csv" -NoTypeInformation

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