MSU PackageProvider in PS 5.0?

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    Jeremy Murrah

    Was just poking around on powershell v5, and noticed when I run get-packageprovider there's both an msi provider and an msu provider. My first thought when I saw that was "OMG is Microsoft going to put windows updates in a package provider?!?" Can't seem to find anything relevant to that online, thought I would ask here.

    Maybe it's just a placeholder for some more mundane aspect, but how cool would windows updates through find-package and install-package be?!?

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    Don Jones

    Dunno yet ;). Suppose we'll have to wait and see!

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    Right now the MSU provider only seems to do inventory.

    There is a way to see what is on the horizon for Providers and there are already some interesting ones. If you have installed WMF 5 RTM (RTMed 2/24) or a fully patched Windows 10 install, run the below CMDLet. (You must have version of "PackageMangement" to have the Find-PackageProvider CMDLet.)


    In the output of that command I see a couple very interesting NEW ones on the list:

    ContainerProvider is a Windows PowerShell module to find, save or install Windows Server Container images.

    OfficeProvider allows users to install Microsoft Office365 ProPlus from Powershell.

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