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    Hi All Scripting Master,

    I hope so this is good forum. I want write two script with arguments
    1) Create one folder (without permission to delete main folder, file and subfolders for users – only administrators can delete) in all domain Servers
    Second Script:
    1) Delete .xls files from all created new_folders in all servers and export log to csv
    2) Send mail to user with attachment ( .csv)
    But I have a few problems:
    1) How to set up ACL for folder without permission to delete
    2) I have problem with Invoke-Command if I want use it I must enable WIN-RM on all Servers but I cann't – Can I replace this command with another one? – If yes – on which?
    3) I don't know why Export-CSV don't add logs which files are deleted
    4) Can I write all in one script?
    Script 1)

    #import module
    Import-Module ActiveDirectory
    #define variables
    $path = "D:\exist_folder\new_folder"
    $servers = Get-ADComputer -Filter {SamAccountName -like "SRV*"}
    # create folder or no if exist 
    Foreach ($srv in $servers){
    If(!(test-path $path))
     Invoke-Command -ComputerName $srv.Name -ScriptBlock { New-Item -ItemType Directory -Force -Path $path }

    Script 2

     # Remove all .xls files
     $path = "D:\exist_folder\new_folder"
    get-childitem $path -include *.xls -recurse | foreach ($_) {remove-item $_.fullname} | Export-Csv -Path c:\path\del.csv
    #Send mail with attachment to user which files were deleted
    Send-MailMessage -To "User1 " -From "User2 

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    Invoke-Command is PowerShell's only method of sending commands to remote computers. If you can't use it, there is no alternative within PowerShell.

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    Hi Dan,
    Thanks for response! OK I understand. I copied script via PS to all servers and run it manually

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