My if statement is always coming back as false

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    I am rather new, as in this my first script, to powershell so forgive me if this is a simple fix but I've written this:

    `Write-Host "$(Get-Date) Changing buffer on virtual machines" -ForegroundColor Green
    $GetVM = Get-VM -ComputerName localhost
    Foreach ($vm in $GetVM)
        $vm_name = $vm.Name
        Write-Host "vm =" $vm_name
        if ($(GET-VMMemory -vmname $vm_name | select DynamicMemoryEnabled) -eq $TRUE){
            Write-Host "`n$vm_name is running with dynamic memory`n"
            Write-Host "Changing buffer to 35% on $vm"  -ForegroundColor White
            Set-VMMemory $vm -Buffer 35        
            Write-Host "Changed buffer to 35% on $vm"  -ForegroundColor White
            Write-Host "`n$vm_name is NOT running with dynamic memory`n"
    Write-Host "$(Get-Date) Buffer Change Completed" -ForegroundColor Green `

    It should be pretty simple. It worked until I added the check to make sure the memory was dynamic but now it is always coming back false. I know that most of my machine are set up with dynamic memory so this shouldn't be the case.

    Anyone see what I am doing wrong?

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    Stephen Owen

    With your if statement before, you were selecting a single property, but not -Expanding it. When you do this, PowerShell doesn't merely give you the text value of a property, but also all of the rich-object metadata. And when you do PowerShell comparisons, it's pretty dump and -eq will only be true when both sides of the comparison exactly match.

    When I changed it to the following, your code works:

    If ((get-vmmemory -VMName $Vm.Name).DynamicMemoryEnabled -eq $true){

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    Worked perfectly! Thank you very much for the assistance!

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    Max Kozlov

    ... and because for IF() statement you need boolean value and DynamicMemoryEnabled IS boolean value you can write

    If ((Get-VMMemory -VMName $vm.Name).DynamicMemoryEnabled){
    ...and because you already have VM object you can write

    If ((Get-VMMemory -VM $vm).DynamicMemoryEnabled){

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    Tot use Select try -expandproperty

    if ($(GET-VMMemory -vmname $vm_name | select -expandproperty DynamicMemoryEnabled) -eq $TRUE){

    And like max told you, for boolean type you wont need to specify '-eq $true'

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