Not able to retrieve bitlocker key

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    Hi Everyone

    I am having some issues trying to retrieve bitlocker information from the DC.

    $computer = get-adcomputer computername

    Get-ADObject -Filter 'ObjectClass -eq "msFVE-RecoveryInformation"' -SearchBase $Computer.DistinguishedName -Properties "msFVE-RecoveryPassword" | select msFVE-RecoveryPassword

    I have used this code twice to successfully retrieve the bitlocker key, the result of the bitlocker keys will be ordered in descending order.

    However recently on the same DC I am unable to retrieve the information. I am able to see the bitlocker information when I am opening up the AD to manually look up the information but running the code recently doesn't return any results whereas it did before. No errors come up instead it just returns back to the prompt. I have located other code for retrieving bitlocker key but this too does not return any information to me, again it just takes me back to the prompt without any errors.

    I am running this query on a Server 2008 R2 Standard which is hosted on a VM.

    Greatly appreciate if anyone can help


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    Don Jones

    I'd have to look at the specific permissions on that attribute. It's possible some patch changed them so they can't be queried in the same way.

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