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    I have a challenge i cant get through.

    I have searched the net for a powershell script to QUICK repair and FULL repair a office 2013 and 365 installation, and i CANT find anything on this. :/

    Currently i have a batch file with this:

    "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office 15\ClientX64\OfficeClickToRun.exe" scenario=Repair platform=x86 culture=en-us scenario=Repair DisplayLevel=True

    This just calls and shows the Office repair GUI and then i can choose quick or full repair etc etc.

    But i NEED a powershell script, which can do the QUICK and the FULL without userintevention. Silent, i think it is called, but i CANT find any powershell scripts to do this.

    Can anyone help?


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    Check out this blog post: . It looks like all you have to do is change "DisplayLevel=True" to "DisplayLevel=False"

    You can run OfficeClickToRun.exe from PowerShell, if you like. Either way, that program's going to be doing most of the work.

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    Hi, as mentioned this IS the current solution with the bat file.

    I need a powershell script which does this all silent.

    OR upgrading the office 2013 to 356 silent!

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    The PowerShell script will be identical, or very close to it (depending on whether you run into any weird behavior with parsing the command-line arguments, which sometimes happens.)

    To make the update silent, change the parameter I mentioned. It should be DisplayLevel=False , not DisplayLevel=True

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    Hi Dave,

    and thx for your reply.

    The situation has changed now, because we only must use Office 365!

    I need the following powershell script and i cant figure out how to make this.

    ———— pseudo powershell repair code ———-

    Tjeck for office 2013 installation.
    IF Office 2013 is installed, remove Office 2013 and Install/upgrade to Office 365 (Path to setup.exe etc)
    ELSE run Office Quickrepair with finish dialog "Repair done"
    End of script


    Can someone help me with this?

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