Omha user group?

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    David Jones

    Not sure where to ask this,

    What happened to the Omaha User Group? There has not been any meetings since September?

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    Don Jones

    Unfortunately, we don't really track all of the user groups' activities, apart from touching base once a year to see if they still exist. That'll happen next month ;).

    Their page here lists Twitter and e-mail contact information; you might try reaching out directly to see what's up.

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    David Jones

    Thanks Don, I was unable to find that contact info on my own and missed the last two meetings because I was checking for announcements 🙁

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    Boe Prox

    Hi David!
    We've been a little behind on updating when our user group meetings are coming up as well as after meeting notes. We will try to work better on that in the future. You can feel free to follow the twitter account for the user group here: as we keep folks updated on what is going on with meetings and such.

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