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    Hello, powershellers.

    I am happy that I found this event in time to actually potentially have a chance to attend.

    About Me:

    I am currently an Intermediate Windows System Administrator with about 6 months in this role.  My previous role was titled "OS Programmer" which I held for 3 years as associate level and 3 as intermediate level. It really amounted to software packaging and client administration.

    I have been working with powershell pretty consistently for about 7 years.  I initially learned powershell by osmosis when I first started working as a student software packager.  The team I was working with wrapped all of their SCCM software installs with a common powershell script.

    Since then, I have done much with powershell.  I have gathered information for and repaired failed software installs.  I query AD.  I created all of the collections in my new SCCM environment.  I find information about SCCM packages, deployments and maintenance windows.  I sometimes use it to find data in large csv files.  In my last role, I wrote the first version of our software wrapper script that handled msi and exe installations, file copies, registry imports, custom cmd scripts.  The same script was also able to uninstall the software it installed.  I have occasionally queried WMI and used a few .net functions, though I am not as quick with the .net.  I'm working on a semi automated user termination script.

    So, the question I have is, should I be at OnRamp, or the main Summit event?

    Any guidance you can provide would be most helpful.  Thanks.

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    @donj is this an orphaned forum?  Should I not have posted this here?




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    No, this is not an orphaned forum. There just aren't a lot of people monitoring it.

    OnRamp is essentially a live delivery of “Learn Windows PowerShell in a Month of Lunches.” If you feel you've mastered that material (it's worth scanning the table of contents, perhaps), then I'd aim for the main Summit tracks instead.

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      Thanks.  Provided my funding gets approved, looks like I will be looking at the main summit tracks.  Might just have to brush up on the remoting sections.

      Thanks again-

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