Optimizing Invoke-WebRequest and email script.

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      I am pretty new to PowerShell but have made some pretty handy routines so far.
      They are pretty simple, and I was hoping that maybe someone in here could help me optimize this routine I am using to download a .zip file, and then emailing it.

      The scripts run every time, but once in a while, the attached file in the email is missing?
      Not sure why, because my routines generate no logs, so maybe I should start there.
      al I think that I should add some sort of – If the email does not contain the attached file, try again or something like that.

      Let me hear you thought about, what you would add in a routine like the one in my example?

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      First off, if there isn’t a very good, specific reason that you aren’t using Send-MailMessage – then you should switch. Next, if you’re trying to avoid the email being sent if the attachment isn’t present or do something else (such as send a message to support) then you could consider something like this.

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