Orchestration with DSC

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    Michael Hedgpeth

    I just watched the TechEd overview on PowerShell DSC. I am interested in how you would handle orchestration with DSC. For example:

    Stop windows service on server A
    Stop windows service on Server B
    Copy files to upgrade service on Server B
    start windows service on Server B
    start windows service on Server A

    The technology looks very exciting.

    Michael Hedgpeth

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    Dave Wyatt

    Cross-machine dependencies are a feature being added to DSC with PowerShell v5; that sort of orchestration isn't currently available. However, you will want to be careful about how you use this even when that option is available; you don't want to be stopping and starting services every time DSC checks your configuration, for example, and there's not a particularly good way to tell it to do that only if the files need to be updated.

    Cool as it is, DSC isn't always the right tool for the job.

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    Michael Hedgpeth

    Thanks for the answer. Yes, as I think about it the orchestration described above is probably not a great process; ideally you would want services from disparate nodes to be independent of one another and thus tolerant of outages

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