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    Is this possible.
    I have created a custom function called New-File

    Function New-File {
    New-Item -Name $Name -Path $Path -ItemType File

    If the Parameter Path or Name is type by the user in lower case, it should not work.

    This should work
    New-File -Path E:\ -Name Testing

    This should not work. As the path parameter is type in lower case.
    New-File -path E:\ -Name Testing

    I tried using $PSBoundParameters but failed. Is there a way to do this.

    Reason: My Client want it this way.

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    PowerShell is by design case insensitive so I doubt this is possible. case sensitivity for parameters doesn't make any sense

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      So you might ask your client what's the advantage of having case sensitive parameter names. IMHO that's the most futile request I have ever heard of.

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    The only way you'll likely accomplish this is to do your own argument processing.

    function test_args()
      Write-Host "arg 0:  $($args[0])"
      Write-Host "arg 1:  $($args[1])"
    test_args -File "Name"

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