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    I am trying to create a script that will detect pattern matches. I subbed some things from an old script. But I must be forgetting something. This script is suppose to match the pattern in a SS number and display the message... "you got it correct" or Please try again. The info I am missing has to be something simple...I just don't see it. Any help any one can provide would be appreciated. Thanks

    $mynumbers = "[0-9]{3}-[0-9]{2}-[0-9]{4}"
    $question1 =""

    write-host "nnnnnn`n
    "Press enter to Continue:""
    while ($question1 -ne $mynumbers){
    Write-Host "Do you know the format of your SS Number ?"
    $question1 = Read-Host "Please enter your SS Number and Press the enter key"

    if ($question1 -eq $mynumbers){
    write-host " You know your formats"}
    if ($question1 -ne $mynumbers){
    write-host "Please try again"}

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    Sorry, the forums software doesn't take kindly to back ticks. You might want to revise your code listing.

    The problem is that you're using the -ne operator, which means "not EXACTLY equal to" and -eq, which means "EXACTLY equal to." You probably want to look at the -match and -notmatch operators instead, which work with regular expressions.

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    Hi Don,
    I'll give that a try and see what happens. I bet your right though.
    Thank you for the help.

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    That should have been "you're". I hate it when I do that. I still had to change a few things other than match and not match...but it works.
    Thanks again

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    You may want to use the digits class rather than explicitly defining a range.

    $pattern = [regex]"\d{3}-?\d{2}-?\d{4}"
    $input = Read-Host "Enter your SSAN"
    $input -match $pattern

    The question mark in the regex allows you to omit the dash. If you require the dash, remove the question marks.

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