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    Not sure if this is the right place or not to post this issue.
    But We're migrating over 110 VM from one data center to another.
    according to PowerCLI Help, I am using

    $DestRP = Get-Cluster -name $clustername | Get-ResourcePool -name $resourcepool
    $DestDS = Get-Datastore -name $dataStore
    Move-VM -vm $vmname -Destination $DestRP -DataStore $DestDS

    Then I get this Error. Destination container must be in the same DataCenter

    CategoryInfo : InvalidArgument: (Resources:ResourcePoolIMPL) [Move-VM], VimExcption

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    Rob Pleau

    Outside of the PowerShell aspect of it, is it possible that its something simple like a Virtual Port group name mismatch or missing entirely on the destination cluster preventing the migration? PowerCLI is really powerful and fun but I find the errors a bit too generic, usually when I run into something like this I'll see what the fat client or web client throw since it's typically a bit more descriptive.

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