PowerShell and Google Sheets

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    Brian Clanton

    Anyone have any experience or can reference a tutorial on how to upload, submit, change data in Google Sheets with PowerShell?

    Goal is to gather Server information across our farm (hardware, plugins, software version, etc..) to then keep a report in our company google Sheets account.

    I see that Cdata has a module you can buy, but was wondering if anyone has had any luck or can reference an example of using google Sheets API.

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    Google is your friend.

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    Brian Clanton

    Yes thank you for that link. You see that I referenced CData in my post, which is the link you posted back.

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    Brian Clanton

    After much searching, it appears you do not have to purchase CMDLETS from CDATA but there is a tutorial for interfacing with Google API that google makes available. There is a 'Google Cloud' module that allows for interfacing with public Google API's.

    Including this info in case anyone is also looking for this documentation.


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