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    Martin Börjesson


    Im just curious, what version of powershell is installed on your business servers? We are still on version 2.

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    Don Jones

    I don't know that you're going to get a lot of responses, but in general, most businesses probably have a variety of versions installed, based on their versions of Windows and software like Exchange which is tied to a specific version. I'll note that v2 is pretty horrifically old, though. Like, 8 years.

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    I try to keep everything at least at 3.0 and any new servers I am deploying if its not incompatible with the Applications is deployed with WMF 5 RTM

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    Martin Börjesson

    Hi, thanks for your replies guys.
    v2 is super old and i want to have at least v3.0 on as many machines as possible. Considering it took me a year to convince
    my colleagues to start using powershell instead of vb-script im guessing i have to spend another year to achieve this.

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    Richard Diphoorn

    Citing Don: If you can't change your company, change company.

    Many companies have technical debt. And this is mostly due to admins. I know that there are other factors like money and incompatibilities, but there is enough room to improve the infrastructure. If it took you one year to convince your colleagues to use PowerShell, then it's a indicator that you're not on the right spot. Do yourself a favor, and look for a place where you can be innovative and productive. Looks to me you're trapped inside a company of the past.

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    V2 – sadly everything is VB scripted and the 'VB Scripters' won't touch Powershell.

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    David Jones

    v4, and some v5.1 here. I managed to sneak in v4 into the image process for win7 when we were getting off of XP before the change management process were formalized.

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