Powershell can't see "stopping" service?

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    Jeff Taylor

    I see in services.msc I have a service that has a status of "Stopping" and is hung there, so my agent is effectively not working. I wish to to Kill and re-start this service and had attempted to execute

    Get-Service | where-object { $_.status -eq "Stopping" }

    ...but I come up empty handed.

    Any other ideas to identify this rogue service, stop it then re-start it?


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    Don Jones

    Have you tried querying Win32_Service instead? Curious if the result is different.

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      Jeff Taylor

      Found it.

      re: STATUS

      .msc displays one name ("Stopping"), Get-Service displays another ("StopPending") and Get-WmiObject displays a third ("Degraded")

      In order to find the "Stop Pending" with Get-WmiObject, I would have had to search against State (not Status)

      Get-WmiObject Win32_service | Where-Object { $_.Name -like 'NP*' }
      ExitCode  : 0
      Name      : NPSrvHost
      ProcessId : 2420
      StartMode : Auto
      State     : Stop Pending
      Status    : Degraded
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    Don Jones

    Under the hood it's a numeric value, so different interfaces interpret it into different English strings. That's why. And yes, WMI exposes it as State, not Status.

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